RV Storage Tips

Published on 10/2/2019

Getting ready to put your RV in storage?  Here are 13 tips to prepare you RV for storage.

Tip #1: Scrub and vacuum the interior to avoid attracting pests

Tip #2: Empty the cabinets

Tips #3: Defrost the freezer, Clean the fridge and freezer and insert a box of baking soda

Tip #4: Close all windows, vents, and blinds to avoid sun exposure

Tip #5: Disconnect the battery to avoid battery drain

Tip #6: Winterize your water system to avoid freezing over the winter

Tip #7: Clean and completely dry the exterior

Tip #8: Wash the undercarriage to avoid corrosion

Tip #9: Fill the gaps and holes to avoid rodents

Tip #10: Inflate and cover the tires to avoid slat spots and protect from sun exposure

Tip #11: Change the oil and add a fuel stabilizer

Tip #12: Disconnect the propane to avoid any leaks

Tip #13: Cover your RV to help it last